What Sets Our Engine Apart From The Rest?

Content marketing is powerful... For now.
But What is next?

Some studies have shown that content marketing can generate three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing efforts – and it costs 62% less.

The only real problem with content marketing is that everyone is using it. This means you have to contend with a growing sea of competitors.

But what if you could move beyond content marketing?

What if you could target your leads with greater accuracy, dynamically deliver provisioned content that is tailored for them and reaches them on their terms? What if you could leverage the latest technology to make content marketing exponentially more effective?

Electronic Servitor Publication Network’s Digital Engagement Engine™ (DE² ) is designed to do all of that and more.

Our Digital Engagement Engine’s™ tech stack uses smart technology to manage every meaningful online interaction you have with your target market.

Discover the secret sauce that can launch your simple content marketing efforts into the stratosphere.

Thanks to advanced data analysis, we are able to identify dozens of segments within your niche that can be targeted more precisely. We can use that same data to automatically provision content in ways that would be cost-prohibitive to accomplish manually. Plus, our system makes it easy to evaluate and fine-tune any part of the process at any time.

We’ve already helped dozens of companies achieve results up to nine times the industry standard. Now, we are focused on partnering with businesses looking to realize that level of growth.


Why Omnichannel Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore

First, it was SEO. Then social media marketing. And, content marketing. And, video marketing. And, a thousand other silver bullet tactics being pushed by the latest digital marketing gurus.

It’s not that those things aren’t effective. They are.

But their value significantly diminishes as more of your competitors rush to implement them. It leads to a saturation that’s simply unsustainable.

And it’s the reason omnichannel marketing doesn’t work like it did in the past.

But what if there was another way?

Electronic Servitor Publication Network (XESP) offers an alternative solution to the challenges that so many businesses are faced with.

Our Digital Engagement Engine™ goes beyond omnichannel marketing, meeting the individuals within your target market right where they are and creating meaningful engagements that stay with them until
they become customers.

The result? More reach and lift for your brand or investment.

We Guarantee Growth With A True Partnership

Plain and simple, our engine helps your business grow and if we don't... then we will shut it off immediately.
Why? because we want the investment in our engine to be funded by the very growth that we help create with your team with your brand
so that WE ALL WIN.

Excuses Won’t Grow Your Business. learn how you can move from a manual content marketing process to our automatic Digital Engagement Engine (TM)
– where we take care of everything.

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