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We engage companies with the common goal of increasing digital interactions within current and new communities to drive growth. From today’s risk takers to established Fortune 500 brands, the key to scale and success is effective digital interactions with your customers

Serving the next generation of technology enabled businesses.

About XESP

We drive better digital interactions enabling better results for our clients.  Our service. Your results.  Electronic Servitor Publication Network is changing the market dynamics by ensuring your success is our success with an easily budgeted quarterly investment and an upside bonus that can only be achieved by reaching your goals.

We solve the deficiencies in a fast-moving economy & market.  In today’s saturated markets, simple omnichannel marketing and trendy guerrilla tactics are not getting though the noise within digitally connected communities. Managing and optimizing content to stay relevant is time consuming and confusing for even the most experienced providers. By partnering with Electronic Servitor Publication Network, your content is more easily provisioned, managed, and monetized using our proprietary technology.

We drive results and measure our success by your growth.  A refreshing change back to a time-tested business concept of increasing content consumption and community interaction to increase revenues. That is what we measure and deliver. Our fully managed service is simple to understand, simple to implement and a low-risk solution to add into your business.

We focus on your results, and you focus on serving the needs of your community and customers.  Customers, investors, and shareholders realize the conditions of today’s marketplace are forcing all of us to look for better value, at a lower risk.

A digital differentiator is your disruptive solution.

Introducing the Digital Engagement Engine(TM): Electronic Servitor Publication Network’s proprietary technology.

Our technology utilizes a combination of automation, unique data management, and a modern workflow built on a microservices architecture, to achieve greater reach and lift for our clients. The technology allows companies to maintain complete control of their content while dynamically connecting with current and new audiences to drive growth.




How We Do It

Connect | Relate | Influence. 

We focus on the three most important digital elements to improve your outcomes:

  • Connecting with the audience.
  • Relating to the community.
  • Influencing positive customer relationships.

Amplify and Boost your Brand. 

Our Digital Engagement Engine solves the first mile problem by amplifying your reach and boosting lift to communities.

  • Expands and creates increased reach to new communities
  • Preserves existing reach by nurturing audiences and creating genuine interest
  • Facilitates the deeper digital relationships and trust that solve the last mile problem of providing value for both brands and customers.

Results Fund Your Investment.

Implementation is effortless since the solution is completely managed by our team allowing you to focus on your brand, product offering, and content creation.

Our risk-averse business model provides an easily budgeted quarterly investment and an upside bonus which allows your growth to fund your investment.

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is a growth-focused, managed services company that helps you achieve your goals through the optimization of your digital customer engagement strategies.
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At Pointward we provide proficient implementation as well as speed to market for Medtech companies saving them both time & money.
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IBN & XESP will team up to increase the reach & lift @ IBN w/ XESP’s DE²
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